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Bella Thorne 5, 2012

Renesmee as teenager

Renesmee Carlie Cullen is Bella and Edward`s older and expexted child



Bella Thorne as Renesmee

Untill the age of 7/8 months (11/12),Renesmee has got bronze curls,brown eyes and pale skintone.Later on her hair colour looks more like strawberry blonde and her skintone is no more white looking.That`s until she turns 7.

Facts and StuffEdit

Renesmee is psychically same aged as Genevieve,but at age of 1,she looks about 14.

She still has rapid growth and she is 160 cm tall.

She always appears at school with high heels and short dresses.

Her nicknames are "Nessie" ;  "Ness" ; "Nessa" ; "Esme" and "Renee"

A few people from school call her "Renee" or "Esme".

She has got bronze curls,until the age of 1.Then her hair colour looks more like strawberry blonde.

Renesmee starts dying her hair ginger in highschool.

She is potrayted by Bella Thorne.

Renesmee is the popular girl in the 5th graders.

She is the oldest student in the 5th graders (born on 11.09.2006).

She lies that her birthday is on 11.09.1996

She is mean to Genevieve.

She is a TO-TAL-BITCH.

Edward loves more Renesmee,because she is more vampire than a human.

She can play the piano and turns a professional dancer,where she meets one of her closest friends.

She can sing and act.

She has a special gift.

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